How To Get Google AdSense Approval Instantly 2022

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Best Way to Getting Faster Google AdSense Approval

At first, we need to know what is Google AdSense and how it works and how to get Instant Google AdSense Approval. We all know about Google as the World’s Largest Search Engine. Google AdSense is a program that shows the text, images, video, related media advertisements for targeted content and audience on your Website. Which Is controlled by Google.

Bloggers & Website Owners make some money showing advertisements with Google AdSense. For this Program Website, the Owner has to Register with Google AdSense. Google Review your site and if they are satisfied with your site Overview then they allow their advertisements on your Website. But if they are not satisfied with your site. Then they are not allowed their advertisements on your Website.

But Now Changing Their Policies. We, Website owners or New bloggers are not got Google AdSense approval easily. So That Case, we need to Optimize our Site with Google Policy. There I Getting you my Ideas that easily get my site AdSense to approve. Follow These points then you can easily get approved by Google.

How to Get Instant Google AdSense Approval?

1. User-Friendly Customization.

When we Customize our Site, we mainly focus on to own choices. In that case, we need to create a better user Interface on Our Site. Customize your Site User Friendly to get customers a great Experience on your Website.

2. Min 10 Authentic & Quality Content Post.

Before Applying for Google AdSense Approval for your site, make sure your site must have a minimum of 10 Quality Content posts. These Content posts must have 70 – 80% Unique in the Plagiarism test. In your blog, you should only use authentic sources. Don’t use any 3rd party copy Content.

3. Domain Age.

If You are recently publishing your site and just now want to get Google AdSense approval. Then it is not possible. Because google verifies your Domain Age. If your site Domain Age is above 6 months then you have a better opportunity to get instant AdSense approval if other criteria are matched.

3. Only Custom Domain.

If you are a beginner and if you tight budget Buy a Best Web Hosting or A Custom Domain(ex. In that case, you all get some wrong decision and go with Sub Domain like(Ex. Google not permit this type of domain AdSense approval. So, Buy a Custom Domain for instant AdSense approval.

4. Open Site.

There are more things like your site should have proper navigation. For that, a user goes to your site and gets a proper Navigation Menu to access relevant pages. It’s very much important to get AdSense approval.

5. Mandatory Pages

There is Most important Criterion is that your site must have mandatory pages like About, Contact, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, etc. Then google make sure your site Identity.

6. Site Comment.

Your site Must Have an Enabled Comment Option. Allow Visitor to Comment on your post. But make sure there must have Admin Comment Approval. In that case, Any visitor is unable to spam your post or submit any adult content in Comment.

7. Mobile Responsive Theme.

Your Site Must be Created with A Mobile Friendly or Mobile Responsive design. Otherwise, your site is not properly shown to visitors in the mobile view. Also, Site Web View and Mobile View have to same, not different from Public View.

8. Website Loading Speed.

It is Important how fast your site is loading when a visitor opens your site on their mobile or Computer. If you maintain a good site loading speed, then your user to bounce rating will be reduced. For that, you have to use mobile responsive lightweight Themes like Generatepress, Astra, Blocks, etc.

9. SSL Certificate.

Your Site Must be secure with SSL Certificate. If your site is SSL Enable then google allows your site to be Secure. It’s also very much important to get AdSense approval. Make sure you Follow and maintain these criteria on your website as soon as Google will approve your Google AdSense application. After that, your site shows Google Adds.

Final Talk

We hope you enjoyed our blog post about Google AdSense approval. This blog post contains some useful information about how it works and how to make your website eligible for Google AdSense approval. If you have any questions about this blog post or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re glad to help!

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