Is VPN Banned in India?

Is VPN Illegal in India?

The Indian Parliamentary committee on Home Affairs has brought a tragic news for the users of Virtual Private Network or VPN service. At the present , many of us are using virtual private network or VPN service. Several VPN services are available absolutely free now each day. Then is it true that VPN Banned in India?

What Is VPN?

Many people still don’t know about the Use of VPN. But the Cyber Expert of Internet User have very much knowledge about VPN. With this service User are often anonymized on the web. This suggests that where the web user is, what his identity is, nothing are often known. Albeit he visits the banned website, his identity will remain secret.

Use of VPN

This service has been running not only in India but everywhere the planet for an extended time now. There are many that take the assistance of VPN service to use the banned website of their own country. Also Some people use Torrent from India using VPN for Downloading Games, Movies and Software’s. Some people take this service to use anonymous internet again. a number of Games Like PUB-G Application Like Tik-Tok is banned in our Country. But Some user use freely using with VPN. That’s a criminal offense.

VPN Will Ban

But this point the day is coming to an end. Recently, the Indian Parliamentary committee on Home Affairs goes to ban VPN service in India. This VPN service has increased the threat of cyber threats and other unpleasant activities day by day. As a results of VPN and Dark Web, ordinary people are being deceived by criminals in various ways. Adolescents especially are suffering the foremost . So very soon this VPN Banned in India and also Dark Web service should be banned.

Is It Necessary ban VPN in India?

Currently, this VPN or Dark Web service is totally banned in several countries, like China, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, North Korea , Oman, Russia and therefore the United Arab Emirates. and really soon VPN services are going to be completely banned in our country also.

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